Upon submission, it is construed that you agree on the following terms and conditions. Please do not proceed on registration if you dont agree on any of those things stated below.

  1. Your profile must only contains true and correct details about yourself, your contact details such mobile numbers, email ad, facebook accounts, licenses, and the likes.

  2. You profile photo must be one in a professional or business attire

  3. You must keep your password within your personal knowledge only. Sharing of password and accounts including showing the contents on your accounts to others is strictly prohibited.

  4. You agree that you are already an accredited/licensed individual to practice real estate profession upon registration to this website.

  5. You agree that all listings that you posted in the website are your direct listings and not listings derived from third party brokers or agents where in cases that other members may sell your property listing thru shared listings with you, division of commission must only among you and other members of the group.

  6. You agree that all listings that you posted in the website are your direct listings and not listings derived from third party brokers or agents where in cases that other members may sell your property listing thru shared listings with you, division of commission must only among you and other members of the group.

  7. You must ensure that you only upload correct photos and information like details and prices so not to imprint miscommunication among clients and other sellers.

  8. All listings uploaded are still subjects for approval. Approved listings may still be unpublished due to reasons like same double listings with others, misrepresented listings, claimed by others, and the likes. Although, proper investigation will be carried out.

  9. If you are able to observe cases stated on the preceeding number, it will be deemed that both the website admin and you as our lising partner will have equivalent responsibility in reporting such cases for the proper implementation of policies.

  10. No member on this website shall get listings from this website and post the same on other website if those listings are not listed under them. This is to protect the right of our members over the other members who might take advantage of these possibiliies. Else, proper investigation will be carried out and action will be taken.

  11. You agree that only Listings Philippines has the right to source out listings from third party sellers that will purely serve for marketing purposes both for the site and the sellers mentioned inside the ad.

  12. You may download files and forms according to your level of membership but we reserve the right of every file to be used exclusively for the groups activities only.

  13. In cases, you are holding projects in the website, you must see to it that prices and details including maps, promos, licenses, payment schemes, and photos are updated and accurate at least every fifteen (15) days.

  14. If you are a corporate broker or franchisee, you agree that you are an independent broker and must not be connected with other brokerage groups within or outside your city. In cases where there are brokers or sellers from other areas that would like to connect to you as seller on the city you are assigned with, you must connect them to the franchisee assigned to their respective cities before going back to you. However, for the satisfaction of the client, you may do whatever is deemed necessary especially if there is a sense of urgency in sale but you all of us must respect the jurisdiction of our franchisee which covers the area whether they are on the project side or the seller/buyer side.

  15. If you are a franchisee, part of the franchisee’s bundle of privilege and responsibility is to attend an annual recognition of the nationwide property providers for his/her City representation.

  16. If you are a franchisee, it will be within your judgement to assign or re-assign projects to rightful people in your team. Also, it will be within your judgement to publish or unpublish projects as issues may arise like complaints, suspension of licenses, or whatever isuues that may arise along the way as we market these projects. Also, we must assure audit on projects handled by our assignees including the correct type, category, areas, and city that it belong. We should not also add projects on different area or city if it is not in the scope allowed by the corporation.

  17. In cases you are authorized to approve/disapprove new members coming in to the website, you must be deligent enough in approving their registrations and that you must verify first their identity and if they are really your salespersons, or whatsoever.

  18. In cases you are authorized to create blogs, news, events, or whatever related articles for the website, you must only post legitimate and verified informations and must not use the articles created or published by third parties unless you had secured their authorization.

  19. You allow other members of the website to post your listing with their profile for them to show your listing to their clients on the provision that you must be the seller’s agent and them as the buyer’s agent for transactions involving your property listing.

  20. You will indemnify and hold us (and our officers, directors, agents, subsidiaries, joint ventures and employees) harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of your breach of this Agreement, or your violation of any law or the rights of a third party.

  21. We reserve the absolute right over the ownership of the website including the approval and termination of its members. Should there be any questions regarding approval, disapproval, or termination of memberships, you may mail your concern at concerns@propertyproviders.ph

  22. The corporation and the Broker acknowledge and agree that the relationship between them is that of a Marketing Agency and a Broker, and nothing herein shall be construed to constitute the Agency and the Broker and the latter’s Marketing Partners and Agents as employer-employees, co-owners or participants in a joint or common undertaking. Neither of the parties, or any of their respective employees or agents, shall have any right or authority to act for, or create any obligation, express or implied, on behalf of the other, unless otherwise expressly provided in this Agreement or in a subsequent authorization in writing signed by the party giving authority.

  23. Nobody shall use or represent the name of the group of the website for non-authorized transactions unless proper authorization has been granted.

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